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ˇ@ News in Year 2007

JUL 25, 2007: Champion Introduces the OFF-LINE Products

Jun 12,2007 : Intel Corporation and Google joined with the Enviromented protection Agency (EPA)

and more than 20 organizations announcing to form the Climate Savers Computing Initiative (CSCI)

ˇ@ News in Year 2001
May 4, 2001: Champion Microelectronic and Fairchild Semiconductor Join Forces to Develop Next Generation of Power Factor Correction ICs
March 27, 2001: ISO9001-2000 QA System Certificate in March

ˇ@ News in Year 2000
September 4, 2000: Champion Introduces 3A Bus Termination Regulators for DDR SDRAM Memory Systems


Champion Microelectronic and Fairchild Semiconductor Join Forces to Develop Next Generation of Power Factor Correction ICs

Released by: Champion Microelectronic Corporation
Released on: May 4, 2001


Taipei, Taiwan-May 4, 2001-Champion Microelectronic Corporation and Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE: FCS) Analog Power Management Group announce a partnership agreement to develop next generation, low cost analog ICs for the power factor correction (PFC) market. Under the agreement Champion will design and develop analog PFC circuits in exchange for licenses to certain Fairchild patents and PFC products. Both firms will manufacture these new PFC products and be a second source for one another.

Mike Robinson, Vice President of Fairchild's Power Management Group, sees the agreement with Champion as a way to bring more products to market sooner, and at a lower cost. "The Partnership," he states, "will expand what is already one of the strongest PFC product portfolios in the analog IC industry. Champion brings a design team with extensive experience in the rapid development of highly innovative, low cost PFC chips." A recent market study by Venture Development Corporation identifies Fairchild Semiconductor as the market leader in Analog ICs designed for PFC.

Jeffrey Hwang, Champion Microelectronic VP of Engineering, remarks on the benefits to the analog market: "This partnership will allow us to bring high volume, next generation PFC products to market at a lower cost, with greater device performance and increased energy savings for the consumer."

The Champion-Fairchild partnership reflects a general electronics industry trend toward heightened interest in energy efficiency regulations. When European standard EN61000 went into effect in January 2001, it required power factor correction circuitry in all electronic equipment greater than 75 Watts. Power factor correction ICs modify the input current in such a way as to reduce utility power generation loads-thus easing the energy crisis and ultimately reducing energy costs to consumers.

For more information, contact: Champion Microelectronic Sales and Marketing Division at (886) 2-27880558: fax (886) 2-27882985 or visit Champion's website at www.champion-micro.com.

Fairchild Semiconductor Customer Response Group at (888) 522-5372; fax (972) 910-8036, or visit Fairchild's website www.fairchildsemi.com.


About Champion Microelectronic Corporation Founded in 1998, Champion Microelectronic Corporation is a privately held, Taiwan-based, analog IC manufacturer, known for its high quality, reliability and service. The company's express aim is to design and manufacture quality power semiconductor devices for applications across a broad spectrum of communications, computer, consumer, and industrial platforms. Champion's high-performance products include Power Management, Battery Management, Audio Amplifier, Bus Interface and LDO regulators. Please contact Champion Microelectronics on the web at www.champion-micro.com.

About Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild Semiconductor International (NYSE:FCS) is a leading global supplier of high performance products for multiple end markets. With a focus on developing leading-edge power and interface solutions to enable the electronics of today and tomorrow, Fairchild's components are used in computing, communications, consumer, industrial, automotive and aerospace applications. Fairchild's 11,500 employees design, manufacture and market power, analog & mixed signal, interface, logic, and optoelectronics products from its headquarters in South Portland, Maine, USA and numerous locations around the world. Please contact Fairchild Semiconductor on the web at www.fairchildsemi.com.


Champion Introduces 3A Bus Termination Regulators for DDR SDRAM Memory Systems

Released by: Champion Microelectronic Corporation
Released on: September 4, 2000


Taipei, Taiwan - Sept. 04, 2000 - Champion Microelectronic Corp. today introduces the CM8500 3A Bus Termination Regulators for DDR SDRAM memory systems implemented in Personal Computers, Workstations, Servers, Graphics, Video Game Play Stations, and Networking systems. The CM8500 is capable of sinking or sourcing up to 3A of current to provide the termination voltage and reference voltage supporting DDR SDRAM/SGRAM memory modules. Multiple CM8500s can be used for larger systems that require more current.

SSTL_2 bus (series stub termination logic) specification defines memory buses that support DDR SDRAMs, like PC266, that run at clock rate well above 100MHz using a very narrow, 400mV separation between logic high and logic low, making the system very susceptible to noise. Supply voltages for core logic line drivers, memory modules and line terminations must be derived from the same tightly regulated source. The CM8500 using an internal switching regulator to provide a line terminating voltage source well within a 3% tolerance, and easily to implement a reference voltage for the DDR SDRAM memory modules within a 1% tolerance. The on-chip power MOSFETs is capable of delivering 3A termination currents. The highly efficient switching regulator and bottom metal exposed package eliminate the need for an external heat sink lowering system costs. The high current sink and source capability of the CM8500 significantly reduces switching noise in the system and allows the bus to run at its maximum speed and the DDR SDRAM to provide data on both edges of the bus clock.

The CM8500 is not only optimized for DDR SDRAM/SGRAM but also suitable for higher speed system bus such as RambusTM, GTL+, VME, LV-CMOS, LV-TTL, and PECL. Also, the CM8500 can be used as a high efficiency and high current DC to DC converter.

The CM8500 come in space saving 16-pin TSSOP and SOP package, making it the most compact solution available in the market. The parts are specified for the extended-industrial temperature range (-40˘J to 85˘J). Prices start from $1.80 (1,000 up, FOB Taiwan). A preassembled evaluation kit (CM8500TEVAL) is available to help reduce design time.

The target application for this product are Personal Computers, Laptop Computers, Workstations, Servers, Graphics, Video Game Play Stations, and Networking systemsˇK..etc.ˇCFor more information please email to sales@championmicro.com.tw , or Call (886)-2- 2788-0558 Contact: Eric Yang , or visit the company website: www.champion-micro.com / www.championmicro.com.tw

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